Friday, June 7, 2013

Schoodic Peninsula Visit

The MDI Regional Chambers of Commerce now DBA Acadia Regional Chambers of Commerce (ARCC) were invited to a Schoodic Chamber of Commerce meeting on Wednesday night to plead the case for Schoodic's continued membership with ARCC.  As it turns out, the decision to remain had already been made in the positive and so we are happy to report Schoodic's continued participation and support.

The meeting was held a SERC:  We met in a room at the Schooner Club.  Before I left, I swapped a case of our Trail Maps, that Schoodic Chamber members seemed pleased to have for a big stack of Schoodic Peninsula Maps.  I'll be putting them in my cottages as I like to send my guests on day trips to Schoodic and the maps help with that.

I'll leave the extras at our office in Southwest Harbor.  While supplies last, you can get some from Cynthia or Linda if you want.