Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CFAAM's "Gallery on the Green" Celebrates 15 Years

On Saturday and Sunday, July 27 & 28 and again on August 10 & 11, the Coastal Fine Art Alliance of Maine (CFAAM) will be hosting its annual juried art shows ont the Harbor House and Pemetic School greens in downtown Southwest Harbor.

With up to 35 artists per venue, a wide diversity of 2-dimensional art will be showcased. All of the exhibitors are either full or part time residents of Maine.

Over the years, many MDI residents and visitors have enthusiastically returned to support the artists as well as to view new works. A number of patrons have commented that the quality of art surpasses that of many oter shows around the country.

CFAAM is chartered as a non-profit charitable organization. After events promotions and security costs have been met, the remaining monies are donated to the Southwest Harbor & Tremont Chmaber of Commerce. With this year's anticipated contributions, that amount to date will have surpassed thirty thousand dollars. The events willbe helpd showers or shine.

For a preview and more information, go to: