Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eastern Maine Development Corporation Presents Workshop on Information Privacy

Workshop Update from Eastern Maine Development Corporation

Workshop Change

Due to a scheduling conflict, the Dare to Prepare workshop scheduled for Tuesday, October 22nd has been postponed. New dates and times will  be shared as soon as they are available.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Welcome to New Member Mike Mansolilli!

Welcome to new Chamber member Mike Mansolilli of MDI Property Maintenance and Management!  Mike runs a local property management company that offers a wide variety of services.  Give him a call at 207-664-8227 today to discuss your property management needs - or just to say "Hi, welcome to the Chamber!"

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oktoberfest Many Thanks

   On behalf of the Southwest Harbor & Tremont Chamber of Commerce I would like to publically thank the 200 plus volunteers who contributed to last weekend's successful 18th Acadia Oktoberfest. The event is a fun season end celebration for the community and weekend visitors to Mt. Desert Island but from the point of view of organization, it is a campaign depending on the generosity and hard work of the volunteers both seasoned and new for its success.
     We will not name everyone, but like the proverbial horseshoe nail, we wanted them all.
     As always, Colleen Maynard of Bar Harbor Bank and Trust helped recruit many of our volunteers. Special thanks go to her for this and her aplomb and assistance at the ticket gate. Debbie Sanner was there all day as usual and I am personally grateful for her consistence and reliability. Same goes for John Williams at the entrance gate. Thanks also to John for booking the bands this year! Everyone enjoyed the music. Thank you to Larry Hudgens and the Causeway Club for the generous loan of the golf carts.
     Thank you Jean Goodwin for overseeing the craft tent again.
     Special thanks to Rich and Sandy McMillan who worked round the clock on Saturday and then some. Jim and Patti LeClair travelled from Belfast to help out generally and to judge the table decorations. Thanks Jim, for the pictures! Thank you, Jay and Candy Emlen for everything! Thanks Dennis Damon for overseeing the Keg Toss. He was ably and in Drew's case, agilely, assisted by Drew Cosby and Lauryn Smith from All Trips. Thanks and congratulations to all the contenders and to Atlantic Brewing for the keg! Thanks everyone who came in costume and winner Patty Z. who has set the standard for 2014!
     Thanks to Chamber members Tom and Doug at Atlantic Brewing Company for their advice, advertising assistance and general support. Thanks to all the brewers for sharing their beers and expertise and for recruiting volunteers!
     This is the place to give particular thanks to Tyler Johnson and his father Tom from the Liquor Locker in Southwest Harbor.  Besides the Friday evening beer tasting at their store on the corner of Seal Cove Rd. and Main St., Tyler hosted the new experts' tent where everyone enjoyed special beer infusions thru hops, chilies, honeycomb and coffee! BTW, congratulations to Tyler and his wife on the recent birth of their son.  Best wishes to them.
     Thanks Hunter Tracy and WNSX for their generous advertising donation and for broadcasting live from Smugglers Den Campground. Thanks to our hosts, Smugglers Den Campground.  Thanks to Roberto Rodriguez and the Seal Cove Auto Museum. Thanks Julie Fernald and Dr. Raimen from the Southwest Harbor Medical Center. Thank you Thom Willey and the Southwest Harbor Junior Fire Department for the Great Ball Drop. Thank you Harbor House, Ingrid, Diana, David and Eric. Thank you, Steve Lambert, Jimmy Ginn, Joey Waraskevich from Pine State and Brian Spencer and his crew from Wallace Tent. Thank you as always to Thom Ingram for the Oktoberfest website. Thank you to all the brewers, food vendors, crafters, the Peterson Project and Jeff Walls and Russell Snyder. Thank you Corey Goodwin and his crew. Thanks Mike McEnroe for the use of his parking lot. Thanks to the Southwest Harbor Police Department.
     For Friday night's wine and cheese tasting, thanks to Scott Worcester of Sawyer's Specialties for his time, talent and expertise. Thanks Ingrid (again) and Rain, Pete, Joan, and Susi.
     Lastly, I'd like to thank our general manger, Cynthia Crow for her oversight and organization. Cynthia was invaluable in helping execute a complicated project with many moving parts. She is already planning Oktoberfest 2014, as of this writing, only a short 352 days away.

Sincerely, Kristin Hutchins, President, SWH & Tremont Chamber of Commerce

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Annual Meeting

When: Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 5pm
Where: Walker's Mediterranean Restaurant
            48 Shore Rd.
            Manset, Maine
RSVP: to the office, 244-9264 by October 20.

Meeting Schedule: 5:15 Annual Meeting: Treasurer's Report and Election of Officers
                            5:30 Happy Hour (cash bar)
                            6:15 Dinner ($20 payable to Walker's)
                            6:45 Reports to Members
                            7:15 Pete Lazas, Pres, Acadia Regional Chambers of Comm. Acadia Gateway Center

Non-chamber members are invited to attend.

Park Shutdown

Members are asking how to advise their guests and visitors.  This is what I have learned.

While some parking lots are posted as closed: Flying Mt. and Eagle Lake, others: Norumbega Mt. and Acadia Mt. are not.

I found the following on the Friends of Acadia Website:

From the Mount Desert Islander, 10/3/13:
For the most part, the handful of rangers remaining on duty are not going out of their way looking for those who are technically trespassing.

“We have only been giving warning tickets to vehicles that have driven past barricades,” said Chief Ranger Stuart West on Thursday.
An order from the director of the national park service directs all units to be closed and to bar visitors. “It says no day users allowed,” Ranger West said.
In practice, no one visiting on foot or by bicycle has been given a ticket. Ranger West said. “It’s frustrating for everyone involved,” he added.

More information from Friends of Acadia can be found here: http://friendsofacadia.org/federal-government-shutdown-information/ where I learned,  "... rangers are not ticketing people entering the park on foot or bicycle, but are issuing warning tickets to automobiles parked or driving past barriers."

Personally, I am going to advise my guests as to alternative activities and telling them that if they do choose to enter the Park, they should be courteous to any Ranger they meet there.

I hope this helps.

Kristin Hutchins, Chamber President
(Hutchins Cottages at Acadia)