Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another amazing sunset

Another advantage to living, working and playing on the "quietside" is that it is also the west side of Mount Desert Island. I have nothing against sunrises but I really love sunsets and the west side is the best side to see them. I told you in the last blog I would add another sunset picture yesterday, but I didn't have time. I'm so glad, because on my way home last night the sky started to look very interesting. I decided to drive a little bit out of my way (about 100 yards) and go down Barlett Narrows Rd. I stopped on the little causeway there and this is what I saw. This was taken on my iphone and is completely unedited. Pretty amazing isn't it?


Monday, January 23, 2012


Sunset is at 4:30 pm today. That's an increase of more than 35 minutes from mid-December. Consequently I have seen some gorgeous sights on my "commute" home in the afternoon. This one was after a snow squall last week. I captured it from the north end of Long Pond, known locally as "Pond's End". In the summer there would be people swimming and launching canoes, kayaks and small motor boats here. This time of year icefishermen are putting their ice shacks out.

When I'm driving to and from work, I sometimes listen to faraway AM radio stations like WBZ in Boston or WCBS in New York. The traffic reports remind me how lucky I am to be living in this beautiful place. I'll post another one tomorrow.