Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Welcome to the Chamber!

 Please join us in welcoming new Chamber member, Ambergris Voyages! Patrick and Erin have an exciting sailing adventure in store for you!

"The Ambergris was designed by famed navel architect Tom Colvin and based on a Pinky Schooner, a New England boat that was used in the 1800's for fishing and hauling cargo. She's 60 feet on deck and about 80 feet overall. Her wide deck and pilot house let guests enjoy sailing in any weather. Below, she has a galley, three private guest cabins and a separate crew quarters. The cabins are designed with removable bulkheads to allow space depending on our needs.
"Nobody gets bored aboard the Ambergris! There are plenty of lines to pull and everyone is welcome to help sail the ship. "Liming" (Caribbean slang for chilling out with friends) is also encouraged.
"Safety is our top priority and we carry all of the necessary equipment required for offshore sailing.
"We only take 6 passengers so there is plenty of room to spread out and make yourselves comfortable."
You can learn more on their web site: - and like them on facebook!