Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moe's Original Barb B Que

Jim and Fred asked me to specially thank their friend Dewey, owner of Moe's Original Barb B Que on Broadway in Bangor for providing the main course at our Open House last night.  The southern style pulled pork seemed to be the biggest hit.  There were also, beans, cornbread, sweet potato casserole and a couple people particularly liked the turkey.  I talked to Dewey at some length.  He tells me he caters parties as well and he'd be happy to come to the Quietside to cater yours.

You can visit his website here: where you can find all his contact information.

Or visit him at 650 Broadway in Bangor for a taste of Alabama style southern barbeque while you watch the game.

Winners and More Thanks!

Last night at the Chamber's Annual Spring Open House, hosted by the Lindenwood, we held a contest for best potluck contribution which included appetizers and desserts.  It was my full filling pleasure to try all the yummy items brought by our many guests.  In addition, I polled a sample of the guests to get their opinion on best contibutions.

For first prize, which was one night at the Lindenwood Inn plus two free entrees at Eat a Pita, I chose the wonderful caramel flan brought by Judy Aylen.  She told me later that she got that recipe many years ago from a woman in Puerto Rico where she and her husband Peter used to live.

Second prize, a night at the Birches B&B on Fernald Pt. Road, went to Kim Tate, Hairworks by Kim, for a cold noodle dish with almonds, scallions and soy.  This morning I ate the last tiny portion for breakfast.  Thank you very much!

And thanks to the Lindenwood, the Birches and Eat a Pita for their contributions of prizes!

Citizen of the Year

Nominate a member of the Quietside community, whether an organization or individual to be the 2013 Citizen of the Year.  Pick up a nomination paper at the Chamber office - deadline for submission, June 7.

Great Open House last night!

Thanks to our hosts Jim and Fred and the staff at the Lindenwood Inn and thanks to everyone who came and everyone who brought food.  In spite of the rain we had a great turnout.

It was very nice to see some new faces, both Chamber members and friends.  I didn't get to talk to everyone, but I talked to alot of people.  I hope some of you got to meet our new General Manager, Cynthia Crow who is busy organizing us for summer 2013 and for Oktoberfest.  Most of the members of the Board were there as well.

The office is open seven days a week, 9-4 thru Marathon Weekend.

The Chamber is offering a new member promotion, if you join before June 10, you will receive a 50% discount on your first year's dues.  For a description of member services, look here:  Contact Cynthia in the office if you'd like to sign up.

A new advertising promotion that we're excited about is our enhanced Market Segments.  You can view these on our website:  They currently include: Couples, Weddings,Move to MDI, Travel with Pets, Marine Travel, Adventures, Green Certified.  Market Segments are a place for businesses to advertise who may not have an interest in other Chamber services, but would like to target their advertising to specific users.  We will be working over the next month to develop and expand the Market Segments to make them more useful to customers searching for specific services.

Beginning with Weddings, we are offering line listings to non-chamber members for an annual fee of $25.  Are you a salon, florist, caterer, photographer, tailor, cab or limousine operator, musician, cake decorator, event planner, equipment rental provider?  For $25 you can have a line listing which will include: the name of your business and telephone number, also e-mail if applicable.

Chamber members receive free line listings plus one free display listing.  Additional display listings for members cost: $60.

Our purpose in developing the Market Segments is to make the chamber and its website more useful by connecting customers with your business's services.

Lodgings providers who accept pets and veterinarians may like to have a line listing on our Travel with Pets segment.

Marinas, chandleries, boat haulers and sail makers may want a $25 listing on our Marine Travel page.

Move to MDI will be the page for contractors, electricians, plumbers, home decorators, furniture sales, the hardware store, drug store, landscapers and garden suppliers, also for community services like the Straus Center, Harbor House, the Libraries, Eastern Maine Recycling and our schools.

The Green Certified page is free to lodgings and restaurant Chamber members who have been certified in MDEP's Green Certified Program.

If you are a member, let us know in which Market Segments you think you belong.  Remember, you can have one display ad free and free line listings where appropriate.  Go to the member login page to create your free display ad.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Artists Showing at the Salty Dog Gallery in 2013

Seascape / Landscape in Watercolor Workshop offered by Phil Steel of Salty Dog Gallery

Pictures from the Memorial Day Parade, Monday May 27 2013

Acadia National Park Free Training Opportunities

Acadia National Park, Free Training Opportunities

We are offering two training sessions for businesses in town that might have new folks coming to work this summer who might not be familiar with the park or the island.

June 3
5:30-7:30 pm
Sieur de Monts Spring
Rain or shine
No registration is necessary. Free of charge. Bring insect repellent!

This session will cover simple birding, beavers, hiking, botany (Wild Gardens), Native Americans, and history. Short walks doable in less than 15 minutes will be pointed out.

June 24
5:30-8:00 pm
Park Loop Road tour, including Cadillac Mt.
Meet at Oli's Trolley on West Street in Bar Harbor
Free of charge

This tour will cover peregrine falcons, geology, biking, hiking, animals, carriage roads, and trail history. There are only 19 spots available on the trolley, so please reply to me to reserve a seat ASAP.

May be cancelled if the weather doesn't cooperate. Call 288-3338 before 4:30 that day if you have doubts!

Hope to see you or your employees at either or both of these!

Wanda Moran
Park Ranger

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Welcome New Businesses/Welcome Baskets

Photographer Ed Elvidge moved up to Main St. last year and has expanded his business to include new services.  He and JoAnn have recently joined the Chamber and we welcome them.

Jim King and Fred Hallaby have opened Christine's Gallery and Past Treasures on Clark Point Rd.  They have some great buys and their inventory is always changing.

As new businesses, both of them received Welcome Baskets from the Chamber recently.  We have Gail Royal of Westside Florist to thank for the production of the baskets.  She supplies the baskets and puts them up with a green potted plant from her shop.  The baskets also have small gifts and such supplied by individual business owners; both in town banks, Royal Promotions, Carroll Drug, Cafe Drydock, Hutchins Cottages, Sawyer's Market, Quilt 'n' Fabric and others have contributed.

Gail is nearly out of items for the gift baskets, if you have something you'd like to add please leave it with Gail.  Any small gifts, something with your logo is nice, or a gift certificate.  Thanks for contributing!  If you'd like to help deliver the baskets let us know - it is one of the more fun jobs we need volunteers for.

If you know of any new businesses in Southwest Harbor or Tremont who should be getting a basket let us know likewise!

Thanks again!

Bury the Power Lines?

Is there any appetite for lobbying the Selectmen to add burying the power lines to the Main St. reconstruction project?  Please let me know what you think by replying to this blog.

My interest is driven primarily by aesthetics, though I expect there could also be some practical and economical arguments made in favor of the idea.  The Town Manager has gotten an estimate from Bangor Hydo of $1400/1000 feet, or $1.4 million dollars to bury the power lines.  I don't expect this covers the individual businesses' costs to get the power then from the street to buildings, plus adding this item may lengthen the time for completion.

Still, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I think it would transform the appearance of the Town!  When I first moved back home to Southwest Harbor in 2002, I was discouraged to see a number of empty store fronts.  Since then, I see the storefronts occupied, at least in summer, and I have seen some significant improvements to the Town's appearance beginning with the upgrades to the Park for Southwest Harbor's 2002 Centennial.  The First has expanded and given itself a major facelift making the sight from Clark Pt. Road much more pleasing; McEachern's has an entirely new building, Bar Harbor Bank and Trust had a new facade plus lovely landscaping,  the Salty Dog Gallery maintains an attractive front.  Alyen's windows always look lovely and they keep them dressed in the winter when they are closed which makes the street more cheerful  The Library always looks nice and there are more and more flowers, and dressed window boxes up and down Main St.  Sawyer's Specialties is one of my favorites, and Cafe Drydock maintains beautiful window boxes.  I also like the bright colors on the front of Pizazz next to the Park.

Further north, we have several homeowners doing a nice job keeping their Main St. properties including a couple of cosmetic improvements and one complete rebuild.  Village Washtub looks very nice.  And there are of course, the elms.

In short, our independent business owners have done a whole lot with very little and in spite of the economy!

I like to imagine this stretch of road uncluttered by power lines.  Any town I have ever visited where they had done this, looked amazing.  I think it would go a long way to making the Quietside an attractive place to visit and live.

I'd like to see the Selectmen offer this as an addition to the project should the voters like to approve it.  But the idea will need strong public support to make it happen.

Main St. Reconstruction and Your Business

Tuesday the voters of Southwest Harbor approved the borrowing of up to $2 million for the reconstruction of Main St. from Seal Cove Corner to Wesley Ave.  The Selectmen and the Town's engineers. Olver Associates will now begin to take a very close look at the schedule for implementing that project.


I have spoken to a number of business owners and attended a recent public hearing  of the Board of Selectmen, with Olver Associates present to hear more about the plan.  At that hearing the Selectmen and the engineers heard some of the public's concerns.

The engineers are estimating the entire project will take eight (8) months to complete.  Their original idea was to begin this fall after Labor Day with a stop before Thanksgiving, recommence in the spring with a stop by Memorial Day and finish the following fall.  It has been suggested that, September and October being a busier time for tourism than June that two springs and a fall would suit businesses better than two falls and a spring.  Also, some businesses suggested that beginning the project in town and proceeding north would be better than the opposite.

As a consequence, there is some talk of getting permission from MDOT to extend the project into December with the view to getting it done in one spring and one fall.  There is a preference for completing the final paving during warm weather which makes this schedule more attractive, though if the project were to extend beyond the third week of June, this could substantially harm the Main St. businesses.

It is in all our interests to pay close attention as the plans for this project develop!  I will be attending Selectmen's meetings and public hearings to stay on top of what is going on and to represent the Chamber generally, but it will take more than my efforts alone to make our concerns heard.

I would very much like to hear from each of you about your concerns and your views on the best way to proceed.  If you can speak to your Selectmen individually and attend some of the meetings and public hearings this would be terrific!

No one has questioned the need for this project to go forward - some of the inroad infrastructure is over 100 years old - but the timing and changes to traffic patterns in addition to the noise and congestion, matters.

Let me hear from you, talk to your neighbors, attend a few meetings.  Would any of you like to be included on an e-mail list to be kept abreast of events as they develop?  If so, e-mail me at: or call me at home: 244-9687.

I have an electronic copy from Olver Associates of the April 9 meeting, Project Overview Report if anyone would like a copy.  (It is too large form me to post.)

Monday, May 6, 2013

New FREE Market Segments

Members will now receive one free display ad in the Market Segment pages.  If you have been paying for a Market Segment already, it will now be free.  If you are not using the Market Segments as an advertising option, please help us populate these pages.  You can create your own listing on the member login page:  Call the office and speak to Cynthia if you need help.

Additional display ads for members will be $60.

Non-member display ads: $150.

Current Market Segment pages are: Couples, Weddings, Move to MDI, Travel with Pets, Marine TravelAdventures, Travel with Kids.

The Green Certified segment is also available free to restaurant or lodgings business certified by the Maine DEP in their Environmental Leader program.

2013 Citizen of the Year

2013 Quietside Flamingo Festival & Citizen of the Year Nominations

Southwest Harbor, ME – Nomination papers are available for the 2013 Southwest Harbor & Tremont Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Award at the Chamber Office in the Harbor House building at #329 Main St.  An electronic copy is also available:

The Citizen of the Year award is given annually to an individual or group who has gone above and beyond to make a difference in the Southwest Harbor and/or Tremont community.  The award will be presented at the Quietside Flamingo Festival Polo and Yacht Club cocktail party at the Causeway Club Barn on Sunday, July 14, 2013.

This is a chance for you to thank someone for their special contributions to the Quietside of Mt. Desert Island.

Spring Open House

You're Invited!
Southwest Harbor & Tremont Chamber of Commerce's
Spring Open House
Wednesday, May 29 5-8pm
Hosted by: The Lindenwood Inn and Staff

Meet your fellow business owners
Meet members of the Chamber Board
Meet our new General Manager, Cynthia Crow

Beer, Wine and Barbeque provided by the Lindenwood
Cash Bar available
Bring an Appetizer/Side Dish or Bring a Dessert
Prizes awarded for most popular Dish and Dessert
Bring a friend!

RSVP 244-9264

It's Time!

The Chamber Office is now open for the season.  Monday - Friday 9-4.  Please bring in your updated brochures and promotional materials.  Pick up your Mt. Desert Island Discovery Maps.

Meet our new General Manager, Cynthia Crow.

Office hours will expand to weekends, 9-4 beginning Memorial Day Weekend.

Linda Graham will be back again this year covering the office on the weekends.

New Southwest Harbor & Tremont Port Directory and Chamber of Commerce Guides will be available May 20.

2013 Trail Maps will be available Memorial Day Weekend or can be delivered to your business upon request.