Thursday, May 30, 2013

Great Open House last night!

Thanks to our hosts Jim and Fred and the staff at the Lindenwood Inn and thanks to everyone who came and everyone who brought food.  In spite of the rain we had a great turnout.

It was very nice to see some new faces, both Chamber members and friends.  I didn't get to talk to everyone, but I talked to alot of people.  I hope some of you got to meet our new General Manager, Cynthia Crow who is busy organizing us for summer 2013 and for Oktoberfest.  Most of the members of the Board were there as well.

The office is open seven days a week, 9-4 thru Marathon Weekend.

The Chamber is offering a new member promotion, if you join before June 10, you will receive a 50% discount on your first year's dues.  For a description of member services, look here:  Contact Cynthia in the office if you'd like to sign up.

A new advertising promotion that we're excited about is our enhanced Market Segments.  You can view these on our website:  They currently include: Couples, Weddings,Move to MDI, Travel with Pets, Marine Travel, Adventures, Green Certified.  Market Segments are a place for businesses to advertise who may not have an interest in other Chamber services, but would like to target their advertising to specific users.  We will be working over the next month to develop and expand the Market Segments to make them more useful to customers searching for specific services.

Beginning with Weddings, we are offering line listings to non-chamber members for an annual fee of $25.  Are you a salon, florist, caterer, photographer, tailor, cab or limousine operator, musician, cake decorator, event planner, equipment rental provider?  For $25 you can have a line listing which will include: the name of your business and telephone number, also e-mail if applicable.

Chamber members receive free line listings plus one free display listing.  Additional display listings for members cost: $60.

Our purpose in developing the Market Segments is to make the chamber and its website more useful by connecting customers with your business's services.

Lodgings providers who accept pets and veterinarians may like to have a line listing on our Travel with Pets segment.

Marinas, chandleries, boat haulers and sail makers may want a $25 listing on our Marine Travel page.

Move to MDI will be the page for contractors, electricians, plumbers, home decorators, furniture sales, the hardware store, drug store, landscapers and garden suppliers, also for community services like the Straus Center, Harbor House, the Libraries, Eastern Maine Recycling and our schools.

The Green Certified page is free to lodgings and restaurant Chamber members who have been certified in MDEP's Green Certified Program.

If you are a member, let us know in which Market Segments you think you belong.  Remember, you can have one display ad free and free line listings where appropriate.  Go to the member login page to create your free display ad.