Friday, August 20, 2021

Welcome to New Chamber Member, Maine Solar Choices!

 Please help us welcome our newest Chamber Member, Maine Solar Choices!

Owner Don Willet says, "I'm independent so I can find the best community solar program for your home and/or business.

"You've heard about Community Solar - the new state sponsored money saving energy program - but there are a number of companies offering it and you're not sure who to go with. This is where I come in. I am an  independent Community Solar Advisor and I will find the best possible program for your home and/or company. I have access to a number of different  programs offered by different developers. Not all these programs work best for every situation. Let me do the homework for you and get you the best program.   

• Some programs are offering a 10% discount off electric bills - others are offering 15% with more restrictions  

• Some have strict qualifications, i.e. credit score minimums and/or  personal guarantees - some do not have these qualification requirements for any except the biggest clients.  
• Some require long term (5, 10, 20 years) commitments or a penalty to leave. Some have a 90-120 day opt out with no penalties to leave at any time.   

These solar farms are being built now and the power allocations are being reserved. All solar farms are fully allocated to local businesses, residents and municipalities long before they are producing power. The expected time frame for these farms to begin producing power is from June to December of this year."

To learn more, visit Maine Solar Choices website at or their facebook page at If you have questions, Don would love to chat - just give him a call!