Wednesday, November 4, 2015

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Why should trees in the fall have all the fun? This month, we're talking about COLOR.

I just got back from the Carabito Northeast Educational Conference in Portland Maine where 24 educators taught 24 classes to attendees from 14 states.

One of my favorite classes was long hair color trends. A lot of these techniques are ones I am familiar with but being reimagined in new ways. If your hair could use a little pick me up, check out some of these color trends, which can be done dramatically or in a more subtle way.

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Barbara Strubell

Hair Color Trends 2015-2016

Baby Lights. These "delicate highlights" resemble the subtle highlights you see in young children. The process is remarkably similar to that of regular highlights, but involves only very small sections of hair getting painted at a time and fewer spaces between foils. If you're heading to the chair for this look, make sure you clear your afternoon because it's a long process!
Photo from Madellina Talks
Sombre. While the ombre look is fading out (pun intended), variations of the style are making appearances in 2015. Sombre is short for "soft ombre," and you can guess what it's all about. The colors used in a sombre look are softer (or lighter), making the transition between colors much more subtle and natural looking. 

Photo from Modern Salon and @the_hair_doctor

Colormelt: Another 2015 twist on the ombre, this look uses the ombre blending technique with 3 different colors. The transition between each color is "melted," so you can't tell where one ends and one begins. This technique can be used with bold, exciting colors (like the purple shown below) or with something more natural looking, like 3 different shades of blonde. 
Photo from Modern Salon

Ecaille. French for "tortoiseshell," écaille is a soft ombre with golden and caramel hues. This look works well with blondes and brunettes and it grows out well (meaning less maintenance work at your salon in between appointments). This article refers to écaille as "ombre's sophisticated sister," in other words, écaille is to ombre what Kate Middleton is to Pippa.

Photo from Birchbox

Baylage. French for "sweep," this is a style of color application where instead of foils, stylists freehand paint color into different sections of the hair. Since the technique is a bit more whimsical, highlights tend to be a bit broader and less blended compared to other highlights. 

Photo from @kristin_ess

Oil Slick. Looking at the hairstyles mentioned above, it may seem like blondes have more fun- but don't dismay, brunettes! Oil slick requires a dark base hair color, and mixes in colors you would see in an oil spill (teal, turquoise, purple, and even magenta). With this look, you can toy with the different colors and ratios.

Photo from @abbylacey

Aubergine. Inspired by the hues in red wine (and similar to the also popular red, Merlot). Aubergine is a deep, reddish purple color that looks amazing on any of skin tone. 

Photo via @Guy_Tang

Gray. Nope, this isn't a typo. Gray hair is in, whether you're owning your natural gray hair or going full-on silver just for fun. From blue-gray to slate to charcoal, there are plenty of different shades to try! Well, at least 50...

Photo from Stylish Wife

Which of these looks is your favorite?

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