Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Letter from Ellen Sevigny at Yoga in Your Park

Hi, my name is Ellen Sevigny, I am the founder and program director of Yoga in Your Park. We are raising $50,000 for our outdoor yoga program that faciliates connection to self, other, and nature.Will you contribute? We have assembled an amazing team. but we just can't do it alone. Please go to make your donation. 

Turning around the way that we relate with our environment MUST be a collective effort. We simply cannot do this alone. Your investment goes to 

In the long term, your donation will support...

1) Competitive wages for our staff
2) Necessary and deserved park fees
3) Teacher training
4) Development of updated iterations of operating structures
5) A new ap and web site updates that will allow for the seed of this idea to spread across the country with grace and ease.  We are using the technology we have to REALLY connect :D
6) Development of our eco-friendly educational product boutique. 
7) Getting the word out. We join local chambers, and do advertising in various ways. We are ready for the world to know what we have been up to.

Yoga in Your Park students discover their deeper values in seemingly innocuous outdoor yoga classes - usually while on vacation -  with teachers trained to guide them through noticing the impact of choices that only they can resolve. They are shown how small choices can help them match their values to actions that they take in everyday life. No fear, no guilt, no shame. Just direction towards a simple, loving, aware, choice. Can you feel the power of what would happen if we all made these small choices together at the same time?

Here’s why it’s of vital importance for humans to spend time doing yoga outside right now: 

We all know climate change may be one of the greatest emerging threats to humanity at this time.  Due to our technologically savvy culture, we are more connected than ever, and we are suffering from even more feelings of isolation and depression than ever. Yoga in Your Park uses our love of technology (our YogaInYourPark app and website) to bring people together where they turn off their cell phones, and spend an hour long class in non-judgmental meditative awareness. Through connection to self, other, the beautiful natural environment, a deep love is remembered. 

I started teaching yoga on top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in 2009, where I gratefully enjoyed running, hiking, and swimming since my earliest active days. Yet it was the outdoor yoga that changed my life. Yoga is naturally transformative reminding you to connect: Through breath, the feeling of the sensations, wind buffering your body and challenging your balance,  the taste of salty air, the forgiveness of the sand on hips, the smell of morning dew, the sun settling on your face. 

I began to notice where in my life I had a choice to do something different - do something more aligned with my love for myself, others, and the earth. Right now you have a choice too! 

Will you support Yoga in Your Park: The program that makes a difference by reducing environmental impact AND helps people experience the enormous benefits of spending time doing yoga in nature? You know how you feel when you take a few deep breaths, looking at a beautiful vista. What would society be like if more people, more often, felt that sense of inspiration, calm, and peace? 

Here is what you will receive as a token of our gratitude for your contribution: 

$25 Shout out on our gratitude list

$50 A free Yoga in Your Park 1 class pass

$100 10 Class Pass (access to yoga in your park classes! Although you might not have one in your area now, our new ap is going to change that. We plan to be in any city where a yoga teacher wants to teach upon release of this ap)

$500 10 Class pass + Your Yoga Tank
$1,250  20 class pass + Your Yoga Tank 
$3,000 - Rocky Mountain OR Acadia Yoga Pants
$5,000 Rocky Mountain Pants OR Acadia Pants and a 10 class pass
$10,000 Rocky Mountain AND Acadia yoga pants AND a 20 class pass

So call it yoga and stretch! I am fully committed to healing the human relationship with the planet. Are you? Imagine the world we can create together….

We at Children, Families, and Communities, the 501c3 non-profit that Yoga in Your Park calls home, are SO grateful for your vote of confidence. 

Thank you for your time and consideration, 
In grace, 

Ellen Sevigny
Program Director 

Another way to get involved is to teach for us! Go to for more information