Monday, September 8, 2014

News from the Salty Dog!

This is a second notice because.......
We have had more artists than we originally thought would want to show in this M.D. I. show. They have brought their paintings in to be hung... and M.D.I. does have talent !!!!, and those showing are a fraction of the fine artists on this small island....WOW !

    For those who have not received the "On the Edge" link...Here it is:  

About Us:
We have discovered a number of really talented visual and musical artists on Mt. Desert Island... We are including a small fraction of the talented visual artists, and are sorry if we have left anyone out of our September show. We only know a fraction of those who call M.D.I their summer or winter home 
Unfortunately, we only have so much space in our gallery... We look forward to meeting new artists and showing their work next year..

Please see Phil's website:
 or call me for information about the work in the gallery.

                                                              Joan Steel