Sunday, October 6, 2013

Park Shutdown

Members are asking how to advise their guests and visitors.  This is what I have learned.

While some parking lots are posted as closed: Flying Mt. and Eagle Lake, others: Norumbega Mt. and Acadia Mt. are not.

I found the following on the Friends of Acadia Website:

From the Mount Desert Islander, 10/3/13:
For the most part, the handful of rangers remaining on duty are not going out of their way looking for those who are technically trespassing.

“We have only been giving warning tickets to vehicles that have driven past barricades,” said Chief Ranger Stuart West on Thursday.
An order from the director of the national park service directs all units to be closed and to bar visitors. “It says no day users allowed,” Ranger West said.
In practice, no one visiting on foot or by bicycle has been given a ticket. Ranger West said. “It’s frustrating for everyone involved,” he added.

More information from Friends of Acadia can be found here: where I learned,  "... rangers are not ticketing people entering the park on foot or bicycle, but are issuing warning tickets to automobiles parked or driving past barriers."

Personally, I am going to advise my guests as to alternative activities and telling them that if they do choose to enter the Park, they should be courteous to any Ranger they meet there.

I hope this helps.

Kristin Hutchins, Chamber President
(Hutchins Cottages at Acadia)