Monday, June 24, 2024

Welcome to new Chamber member, Peekytoe Provisions!


Please join us in welcoming our new Chamber member Peekytoe Provisions!

Here's what they say:  We are connected to the sea in our backyard. We are committed to our hard-working local clam diggers, lobster people, farmers, our close and supportive community, and the many local businesses making flavorful, honest, Maine foods. Peekytoe Provisions is your year round source for from scratch prepared foods, lunch and lighter fare, fresh oysters, sustainable seafood, local shellfish, local and imported cheeses, Maine made specialty foods, and delicious homemade desserts.

Peekytoe is absolutely committed to sustainable and renewable practices, from energy to fisheries. We are currently the only business supporter of the Bar Harbor Community Solar Farm, and our electricity is 100% solar. We compost all of our food waste, including lobster, clam and oyster shells, and all vegetable matter. We recycle everything possible — cardboard, paper, aluminum, plastics & glass, right down to our kitchen tickets. Our take out containers are made from sugar cane and recycled materials, and our utensils are biodegradable, made from corn instead of plastic.

All of our seafood is locally or sustainably sourced as often as possible. All of our shellfish is sourced directly from local lobstermen, clam diggers, and mussel and oyster farmers. We never carry “FAS” (frozen at sea) products in our fish case. If it’s frozen, it stays in our freezer. Species which are not local we try to make sure are sustainably harvested (wild caught or responsibly farmed). Everything in our fish case will in some way reflect what’s on our menu and in our specials. Here are a few of the companies and products we carry that are committed to sustainability and renewable food sources:

Stop by and check out their market and restaurant, (located where CODA used to be)  say hello and welcome them to the Quietside! And here's their web site: