Monday, January 22, 2024

The 2024 Camp CaPella Polar Dip & Frost Festival Is Ready for you!

 February 24, 2024, Phillips Lake, Dedham, Maine at Camp CaPella

NEW this year the 2024 Camp CaPella Polar Dip & Frost Festival will feature all the fun of the original Polar Dip with the added activities of the NEW Frost Festival. The Polar Dip has always been the largest fundraisers of the year for Camp CaPella, the non-profit summer camp serving individuals with disabilities. 3 years ago we raised 30k, in 2022 we raised 50K and last year we raised 70K. We want to top that at 100K. We had 102 jumpers last year and would like to see 150 people jump in the lake.

We need your help to get as much on the air as possible.

Most campers who attend, come to Camp on scholarship. Camp CaPella never turns away a camper based on ability to pay, which means every dollar raised from the Polar Dip helps to send someone to summer camp. And everyone deserves an opportunity to experience summer camp in Maine!

This long-standing event is held annually at Camp Capella on Phillips Lake in Dedham and participants receive pledges to jump into the icy lake water through a hole cut into the ice.

Just like last year, there are 3 ways to participate –

1. Live on February 24th at the lake. There will be Prizes, a Hot Tub, Games, Snowmobile/Sled Rides, and Food this year!

2. If that doesn’t work for you, you are encouraged to participate virtually. This option allows you to pick any date in the month of February and get creative with your polar dip efforts – roll around in the snow or create a snow angel in your swimsuit, pop a water balloon of ice water over your head, sit in a kiddie pool full of ice water or run under a sprinkler in the snow! Virtual participants are asked to record a video to share with Camp CaPella’s social media.

3. And, for those that have no interest in getting near anything cold, there is the Jittery Jumper option, where for a small fee you pay not to get cold! Recruit like-minded individuals to pledge you.

Not like last year there will be more winter family fun. Bring your family down to watch people jump into the lake, play some of our new Frost Festival games, have food or listen to some live music.

ALL participants, regardless of which way you choose to participate, are asked to register online. Visit our website, to register.

Event Contacts: Melanie Dresser            Rebecca Winkler Barrera

207-974-6722                                          207-843-5104