Friday, September 14, 2018

Cruise of MDI’S Great Harbor to make History come alive

Andrew Simon, co-founder of the Barn Arts Collective.
A collaboration between MDI Historical Society and the Barn Arts Collective aboard the Sea Princess Sails form Northeast Harbor on Thursday October 11
 Tim Garrity, Executive Director of the 
Mount Desert Island Historical Society.
As the Sea Princess cruises through Somes Sound and the Great Harbor of Mount Desert Island, Tim Garrity, Executive Director of the MDI Historical Society, will team with Andrew Simon, theater-maker and co-founder of the Barn Arts Collective, to bring to life events and people from MDI’s past. The cruise will provide insight into what has for millennia drawn humans and other creatures to this unique island.
On the cruise Simon will portray figures from history such as Henry Spelman and Jasty McGowan. Spelman was a member of the Champlain Society, the group of 1880s-era college students who studied the natural history of the island. McGowan, a quarry worker, is a character created by Simon for the Historical Society’s Vintage Classroom program, which recreates an 1894 schoolhouse in an immersive performance for local students.
Said Garrity, “Mount Desert Island is best seen from the water and enhanced by an appreciation of the historical scenes that have gone before. We hope to provide our audience with an enriching and exciting experience.” Simon added, “History and Theater are both about telling stories. Storytelling is the way that we understand who we are and how we’ve gotten here. Barn Arts is fortunate to have a dynamic partnership with the Historical Society that explores this concept and we’re excited about this new collaboration.”
The 2-hour cruise will leave Northeast Harbor at 1:15 pm on October 11th. From Northeast Harbor the boat will pass by East Bunker Ledge, Sutton and Cranberry Islands, then venture up Somes Sound with the beauty of the autumn season serving as the backdrop for this informative and creative performance. Tickets are $35.
The event is part of Southwest Harbor Week, ten days of tastings, talks, tours, concerts, cruises, and demonstrations hosted by the Southwest Harbor & Tremont Chamber of Commerce. Each day focuses on a different theme that highlights one or more cultural resources on Mount Desert Island. Find a calendar for Southwest Harbor Week and online ticket sales on the Chamber website,
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The Southwest Harbor & Tremont Chamber of Commerce works to promote a vibrant economic community by attracting visitors and connecting them to local businesses. It hosts annual events such as the Fourth of July Fireworks and Acadia’s Oktoberfest. It runs a Visitor Center in Southwest Harbor and the website, valuable resources for both visitors and residents. The Chamber also seeks to enhance the experience of visitors by publishing trail, cycling, and road maps of MDI and supporting self-guided audio tours.
For more information about the Great Harbor Cruise and other Southwest Harbor Week events please contact Cynthia Crow at 207-244-9264 or