Monday, March 19, 2018

Free Yoga Classes Offered

Chair Yoga for Every Body, Yoga Dance for Seniors, and Yoga for Cancer are being offered on MDI through the Graceful Aging program, a new initiative of Healthy Acadia launched earlier this year. The classes, taught by certified yoga teacher Susan Sassaman, meet weekly in Bar Harbor and Southwest Harbor, and are free to all (donations are accepted).

Chair Yoga takes place entirely seated, so there is no need to worry about balance or strength issues. Classes incorporate gentle stretching, breath work, strengthening, and relaxation.

Yoga Dance for Seniors features a combination of gentle, seated yoga and easy dancing across the room as a group. Movements flow naturally to accompanying musical selections for a great workout that’s just plain fun.

Yoga for Cancer, a specialized yoga methodology, is tailored to address the physical and emotional needs left by cancer and its treatments. Classes include a full range of strengthening and restorative yoga postures and relaxation.

All classes are evidence-based, providing the health benefits of yoga:  they stimulate the immune system, improve flexibility and strength, reduce anxiety, and help to boost overall well-being.

The Graceful Aging program also includes Tai Chi for Health, Fitness for Parkinson’s, and meditation classes. For more information, including class times and locations, contact Susan Sassaman (288-8103;, or visit

Healthy Acadia, working in Hancock and Washington Counties, is dedicated to building vibrant communities and making it easier for people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families. For more information visit

Contact: Susan Sassaman, Graceful Aging Program Coordinator, Healthy Acadia 288-8103 /