Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Healthy Acadia Begins Graceful Aging on MDI, A New Program of Movement Classes for Seniors

“The residents of Mount Desert Island, Maine include one of the oldest per capita populations in the United States,” says Susan Sassaman, coordinator for the new Healthy Acadia program Graceful Aging. “These members of our community deserve the opportunity of ‘aging in place’ in their own homes, and exercise provides a key component of this.”

In January, Sassaman will begin offering a variety of free weekly exercise classes for older adults: Tai Chi for Health, Power for Parkinson’s, meditation, and three forms of yoga: Chair Yoga, Yoga Dance, and Yoga for Cancer Recovery. “Low-impact, low-stress exercise classes enhance senior health and overall quality of life,” she says, “and have been proven to improve strength and balance, increase mental clarity, lower blood pressure, decrease depression and anxiety, and help those in recovery from cancer, stroke, and surgery. Another very important outcome of these classes is decreasing loneliness, because they provide a consistent social forum for many seniors who all too often have become isolated.”

Specific times and days of the week will be announced for the classes, to be held at Malvern-Belmont and the YWCA in Bar Harbor and the Harbor House in Southwest Harbor. All classes are free, supported by grants from The Stroud Fund and The Parkinson’s Wellness Fund. Donations will be accepted.

January 2018 Schedule of Class Offerings:

Chair Yoga.
Wednesdays, 9am-10am; Malvern-Belmont, Bar Harbor
Fridays, 1pm-2pm, Harbor House, Southwest Harbor
Get all the benefits of Yoga supported in a chair. Strength, flexibility and alignment coupled with deep breathing and release.

Wednesdays, 10–10:30am; Malvern-Belmont, Bar Harbor
Fridays, 2–2:30pm, Harbor House, Southwest Harbor
Practice Mindful Meditation sitting in a chair. Focusing on the breath brings health benefits, wellbeing and peace of mind.                                        
Fitness for Parkinson’s                                         
Tuesdays, Thursdays, 10:30–11:30am; Malvern-Belmont, Bar Harbor 
 An exercise routine to improve strength, endurance, and sense of wellbeing. Specifically for Parkinson’s Disease, but open to anyone looking for a well rounded moderate workout. 

Tai Chi for Health 
Tuesdays, 1–2pm; Malvern-Belmont, Bar Harbor
Fridays, 11am–12pm; Harbor House, Southwest Harbor

This evidence-based class improves strength and balance through slow and gentle movement, integrates mind and body, increases flexibility, and coordination.

Yoga for Cancer
Wednesdays, 4:00pm–5:30pm; YWCA, Bar Harbor
Yoga for Cancer (Y4C) is a specialized yoga methodology tailored to address the specific physical and emotional needs left by the cancer and its treatments. Y4C stimulates the immune system, improves flexibility and strength, reduces anxiety and boosts overall wellbeing. 

Yoga Dance
Thursdays, 1pm-2pm; Malvern-Belmont, Bar Harbor

A joy-filled class combining yoga, the breath, and user-friendly dance with fabulous music from all around the world. Moving in and out of chairs Let Your Yoga Dance® is for every single body and wonderful for all ages.

Healthy Acadia is a community health coalition dedicated to building vibrant communities and making it easier for people to make healthy choices for themselves and their families across Hancock and Washington counties. For more information about the Graceful Aging program visit https://healthyacadia.org/initiatives/healthful_services.html#gracefulaging or contact Susan Sassaman at 288-8103 orcloudnine@gwi.net.