Monday, October 17, 2016

Healthy Acadia is going strong

On September 30th, the state's Healthy Maine Partnership structure, which had been a primary mechanism to support the delivery of local public health services in the state for the past 15 years, came to an end. This was the result of a shift in the state's structure for how they utilize Fund for Healthy Maine (Tobacco Settlement) funding and other public health funds. Although the Healthy Maine Partnership structure ended, the state is committed to continuing to support local community and public health through a new system, utilizing state-wide partners and local sub-contractors in each public health district.

As a result of this shift, Healthy Acadia (and our sister organizations throughout the state) are no longer Healthy Maine Partnerships. However, we at Healthy Acadia continue to serve as a local community and public health organization, dedicated to supporting people's health across Washington and Hancock counties. We have a strong diversity of program areas, including some new exciting offerings, as you can see if you visit our website ( or our FaceBook page. We have had significant success in leveraging community and public health funds, with wonderful support from community members, businesses and partners, and we will work diligently to continue this success. We have also applied to be the local provider of the state prevention services (the new structure utilizing the former Healthy Maine Partnership funds), and we are hopeful that we will be able to serve in this new role.

Healthy Acadia is going strong, providing many community and public health services, guided by local needs and interests. We will continue to be a dedicated presence in Hancock and Washington counties, responding to emerging needs, challenges and opportunities, and building vibrant communities throughout our region.

Elsie Flemings
Executive Director
Healthy Acadia
Cell: 669-2073