Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Route 102 Construction Schedule

Last night (7.9.13) the Southwest Harbor Board of Selectmen listened to a presentation from Olver Associates, the engineers for the Route 102 Road reconstruction project, on the schedule for the project's execution.  The recommendations, which were eventually adopted by the Selectmen, are as follows:

  • project to begin September 2013 commencing at Seal Cove and Main and heading south until winter shut down, likely by mid-November
  • recommence, April 2014 and proceeding until winter shutdown, likely mid-November 2014, beginning at Wesley Ave. and heading north thru the village to cease before July 2014
  • July  to September 2014 between Seal Cove Corner and Herrick Road, construction with one way traffic
  • September to winter shutdown 2014 final work and first paving
  • Spring 2015 final paving
  • Operations from 7am - 7pm, Monday thru Friday; the contractors may extend their work schedule to Saturdays and Sundays if circumstances require
The engineers are projecting the project to last 270 - 290 days.  They said difficult drainage issues throughout the project are a factor in extending the project's schedule.  MDOT will not allow work on the project in winter and the Selectmen, concerned about the project's cost, do not want to extend it any longer than necessary.

The Town Manager has promised to notify the public promptly of events as they develop.