Friday, February 22, 2013

News from the Directors: Board Meetings 2.4.13 and 2.6.13

 Improved Island Explorer Bus Service for the Quietside: Without increasing costs or buying more buses, would it be possible to increase the bus service to cover more of Tremont and shorten the time it takes to ride the bus from SWH to Bar Harbor?

Website and Mobile Websites:
The Chamber has been grateful these last two years to Board member, Alan Feuer for the gift of a professionally designed and managed website.  It is volunteer efforts like this from Board members past and present as well as ordinary members’ contributions that have put the Chamber on a healthy financial footing and allowed us to pursue improved services.  The Directors are looking to add a mobile website to Chamber services.  This will entail a review and possible redesign of our current website with the view to removing it from a volunteer function.

The Retail Relations Sub-Committee chaired by Joan Steel of Salty Dog Gallery is developing targeted services maps for distribution out of lodgings members’ businesses and from the office.  As many as six maps covering the Quietside are planned to display locations and contact information for Galleries, Shopping, Dining, Activities, Services and Boating.  The Chamber plans to include all related businesses on appropriate individual maps.  Chamber members will receive an enhanced listing.  There will be no additional charge for this service.  A Retail Relations Sub-committee member will contact you about your listing.  You may also contact Joan at the Salty Dog if you have questions or comments.